Quantum Entanglement for Toddlers


I wrote a book a while back called Quantum Entanglement for Babies. But, now all those babies are grown into toddlers! I’ve been asked what is next on their journey to quantum enlightenment. Surely they have iPads now and know how to scroll, and so I give you Quantum Entanglement for Toddlers, the infographic!

Below is a lower-res version. Here is a high-res version (5MB). Contact me for the SVG.



  1. Just under “Can you spot it?”, the “Press 10” box should display opposite lights, or alternatively have a different combo of pressed buttons.


  2. So I have a new grandbaby who is so alert and with her mother I read all different kinds of things even if I did not understand. Well now she is an usaf pilot and among many accomplishments and becoming a senor airman she had a baby. She reads to her alot and I cant stoo bit noticing her eyes glowing for more knowledge. I also have a 5 year old daughter who says she wants to be a doctor in science, prima ballerina and a professional violinist. So I started looking for books on science. Ran into yours and omg!!!! I want 3 copies one for each of the girls and 1 for me lol. When ordered I must show my professors. I had ordered a science game and now my professors use it for srudents who have trouble learning thier lessons. Where have your books been all our lives:). Really excited. Thank you.


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