The Quantum In You

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
My heart loves all,
The quantum in you.

Nitrogen, calcium,
And phosphorus.
There’s so much in common,
Between two of us.

Hydrogen, carbon,
And oxygen.
There’s a lot going on,
Under your skin.

From your head to your toes,
You’re made of this stuff.
To look on the outside,
Is never enough.

Inside and out,
Atoms and space,
To think of them all,
Makes my heart race.

Within each element,
There’s more going on.
Protons, neutrons,
And electrons.

Go deeper still,
And you will find quarks—
The building blocks,
Which give you your spark.

These tiny things,
Do not you define.
They’ve been here,
Since the beginning of time.

Quarks made into stars,
Then went supernova.
To do it again,
Over and over.

But the cycle has slowed,
Relatively speaking,
To make way for you,
Now living and breathing.

The quarks build atoms,
To make what you are,
The love of my life,
An ancestor of stars.

This quantum stuff,
Builds up to make you,
Red roses, and
Violets of blue.

When I look at you with love,
From top to bottom,
I see all that you are,
And all that is…


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