Where did the universe come from? And other cosmic questions!

Where Did the Universe Come From? and Other Cosmic Questions is a book I wrote with my academic colleague and friend Geraint Lewis. Geraint is a gifted scientific communicator and, if you aren’t already from Wales, you’ll love his Welsh accent. Geraint is also an astrophysicist, whereas I am a quantum physicist. In the worldContinue reading “Where did the universe come from? And other cosmic questions!”

The Quantum In You

Roses are red.Violets are blue.My heart loves all,The quantum in you. Nitrogen, calcium,And phosphorus.There’s so much in common,Between two of us. Hydrogen, carbon,And oxygen.There’s a lot going on,Under your skin. From your head to your toes,You’re made of this stuff.To look on the outside,Is never enough. Inside and out,Atoms and space,To think of them all,MakesContinue reading “The Quantum In You”

Introduction to Quantum Computing

During the Spring (southern hemisphere) of 2020 I’m teaching Introduction to Quantum Computing. In these Covid-19 times, the class is completely online. Hence a perfect time to flip the classroom. The lecture notes are being blogged over on Medium: https://link.medium.com/3yBRyT6eZ8

How simulating social networks revealed why I have no friends, and also no free time

The friendship paradox is an observed social phenomenon that most people have fewer friends than their friends have, on average. Sometimes it is stated more strongly that most people have fewer friends than *most* of their friends. It’s not clear from the popular articles about the topic whether the latter statement is generally true. Let’sContinue reading “How simulating social networks revealed why I have no friends, and also no free time”

Some advice on learning at home

So you are stuck at home, the children aren’t in school, but you still need to get some work done. The internet is now full of activities for you to, as they say, “keep the learning going”. As a parent of homeschooled children, and someone who was working from home a lot already, things haveContinue reading “Some advice on learning at home”

Polling and Surveys for Babies

When I started writing children’s books, they were for my own children. Since I never stop singing the praises of science, I wasn’t much concerned about how scientifically literate they would be. But how am I doing outside my own family? I don’t know! That’s where you come it 😁

Quantum Entanglement for Toddlers

I wrote a book a while back called Quantum Entanglement for Babies. But, now all those babies are grown into toddlers! I’ve been asked what is next on their journey to quantum enlightenment. Surely they have iPads now and know how to scroll, and so I give you Quantum Entanglement for Toddlers, the infographic! BelowContinue reading “Quantum Entanglement for Toddlers”

Entry Points for Learning Quantum Computing

Desiree Vogt-Lee maintains a list of quantum computing resources called Awesome Quantum Computing. It is indeed awesome and comprehensive. Here I am looking to answer the question where do I start with quantum computing? with a more concise list of my current favourite entry points.  But, before we get started, a general piece of adviceContinue reading “Entry Points for Learning Quantum Computing”