Journal | December 2018

Ahhhhh! Summer in Australia. Why did I not know about you sooner? Eureka! I’ve been working on a card game on and off for the past few months. Partly as an experiment and partly out of laziness, I decided to “give it away for free”. In practice, this was more work than I expected. ForContinue reading “Journal | December 2018”

Journal | September 2018

It was a busy month of extra-curriculars, making the most of our last weeks in Canada before returning to greet the Aussie summer. Eureka! The big aha! moment was finally understanding the pleas to remove “for babies” from the titles of the Baby University books. On 17 September I visited two elementary schools in theContinue reading “Journal | September 2018”

Foray into multidisciplinary research

Nearly two years later, it is finally published: Explaining quantum correlations through evolution of causal models. This was a truly multidisciplinary effort. What we achieved was to combine ideas from causal modeling and machine learning into a new algorithm to analyze real experimental data from experiments on quantum correlations. The team consisted of researchers fromContinue reading “Foray into multidisciplinary research”