Where did the universe come from? And other cosmic questions!

Where Did the Universe Come From? and Other Cosmic Questions is a book I wrote with my academic colleague and friend Geraint Lewis. Geraint is a gifted scientific communicator and, if you aren’t already from Wales, you’ll love his Welsh accent. Geraint is also an astrophysicist, whereas I am a quantum physicist. In the worldContinue reading “Where did the universe come from? And other cosmic questions!”

The Quantum In You

Roses are red.Violets are blue.My heart loves all,The quantum in you. Nitrogen, calcium,And phosphorus.There’s so much in common,Between two of us. Hydrogen, carbon,And oxygen.There’s a lot going on,Under your skin. From your head to your toes,You’re made of this stuff.To look on the outside,Is never enough. Inside and out,Atoms and space,To think of them all,MakesContinue reading “The Quantum In You”