Introduction to Quantum Computing

During the Spring (southern hemisphere) of 2020 I’m teaching Introduction to Quantum Computing. In these Covid-19 times, the class is completely online. Hence a perfect time to flip the classroom. The lecture notes are being blogged over on Medium:

Polling and Surveys for Babies

When I started writing children’s books, they were for my own children. Since I never stop singing the praises of science, I wasn’t much concerned about how scientifically literate they would be. But how am I doing outside my own family? I don’t know! That’s where you come it 😁

Entry Points for Learning Quantum Computing

Desiree Vogt-Lee maintains a list of quantum computing resources called Awesome Quantum Computing. It is indeed awesome and comprehensive. Here I am looking to answer the question where do I start with quantum computing? with a more concise list of my current favourite entry points.  But, before we get started, a general piece of adviceContinue reading “Entry Points for Learning Quantum Computing”